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May 22,  · My articles help you with all aspects of writing your essay. Look at the sample below and then check out my other articles: Reflective Essay Topics gives lots of hints to help you decide what to write about.; How to Write a Reflection Essay gives information about how to reflect on an essay and how to start your paper, as well as more samples.; How to Write about a Person, Place or Event Reviews: 9. In a reflective essay, a writer primarily examines his or her life experiences, hence the term ‘reflective’. The purpose of writing a reflective essay is to provide a platform for the author to not only recount a particular life experience, but to also explore how he or she has . Nov 16,  · In a reflective essay, you need to express your thoughts and emotions about certain events or phenomena. Writing this type of essay provides solid training to sharpen your critical thinking skills, as well as your ability to develop and express opinions on a particular topic—either chosen by yourself or assigned by your instructor/5.

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High school and college students are often assigned the task of writing a reflective essay; also referred to as a reflection essay. This type of assignment is common in English, history, medical, nursing, psychology, and journal writing classes.

This can be an easy task, especially since the requirement is to explore personal experiences. It is still hard to write, tips on writing a reflective essay, especially for the student who has never had to work on one before. With the right guidance and samples, any student can create a great reflection essay.

This article aims to do just that; provide guidance on how to write a reflective essay. It essentially involves thinking reflectively about events, and experiences where a sort of learning and growth takes place. These assignments help students develop skills to analyze events that impacted them and draw conclusions from events that they were directly involved in. However, this type of essay can also be based on imagined or dreamt events. Even then, they are personal in nature. Aside from personal reflection, a reflection essay can be based on literature read.

In such a case, the essay is sometimes called a reading reflection essay. For the reading reflection essay, tips on writing a reflective essay instructor will likely specify the text you should base your essay on.

For the experiential, however, you likely have to find a topic on your own. These essays can be written on different topics, tips on writing a reflective essay.

The ideas for reflective essay topics can be derived from nature and the great outdoors, relationships, important places, and significant events. Here are some ideas. Order an affordable reflective essay today Order Now Order an affordable reflective essay today Order Tips on writing a reflective essay Prices Starting At: Reflective Essay Topics Here are some reflective essay topics and ideas that you can write about.

A reflective essay can be written to focus on yourself; aspects of who you are. This type of essay is a personal reflection or self-reflection essay. When you choose to write a personal reflection essay, some of the topics you could write about include:. Embarrassing events tend to have a lasting impact on many people emotionally and socially. People get unique experiences when taking a trip.

Think about how the trip influenced how you live, lessons you learnt, and how you perceive people, things, and aspects of life after the experiences you had on the trip. Do you remember the time when you met someone significant in your life?

How did you feel meeting this person the first time? What impact did that meeting have on you? Have your opinions on certain aspects of life changed as a result? Have any of your friendships or relationships with family members been ruined? Your reflective essay can be based on the time your actions or those of a loved one negatively affected your relationship.

How did you feel? How did the loss influence who you are and your perspective on life and people? What lessons have you learned as a result and what would you have done differently? There are certain places that can evoke vivid memories and emotions when visited. Do you have a special vacation spot, a restaurant you frequent or visited with someone special, an amusement park you visited?

Any tips on writing a reflective essay that is important to you for any reason or has shaped who you are today, can be an inspiration for your essay. Have you received an award before or gained recognition for something you did? Have you achieved something that you are proud of? If so, this could be a basis on which your reflective essay could be written. You could write about how you felt receiving the award and how it has changed you.

What was the experience like on your first day to school or college, when you had to give your first speech, your first day at a workplace, receiving your first paycheck, tips on writing a reflective essay, went camping, hiked for the first time, or took part in any significant activity for the first time?

Such experiences are fertile ground for ideas on reflective essay topics. Growing up in different areas has different impacts on life. The culture and lifestyle lead to different experiences that shape who we are, tips on writing a reflective essay. For your reflective essay, you could write about your experience growing up in your hometown, the lessons you learnt and how it influenced your development. Whether it tips on writing a reflective essay witnessing it or being a victim of such an event, most people are affected.

There is essentially no right or wrong thing to write about. For medical and nursing students, their essays could be based on experiences with patients. English class students write a reflection essay on a piece of literature read. There are so many things you can write a reflective essay about.

You only need to open up your mind to come up with creative titles for the reflective essay. However, there are basic things that your essay needs to address. Having a general for your essay an important first step towards writing a good reflective essay. Once you are settled on the topic, there are certain aspects of it that you should address in your essay.

Below are some questions that you should answer:. Whatever topic or questions you are answering, a good reflective essay should follow a particular logical format. Essays and many other types of academic and professional papers have an introduction. This serves to give the reader an idea of what the essay is about. The same practice applies to the reflective essay. This part should, therefore, contain some interesting parts of the story.

Give a short overview of the experience you are reflecting on in a way that will leave a reader hungry for what is contained in the rest of the essay. This is the main part of the essay.

It is a challenging section for many to write. Without caution, you can easily find yourself going on and on; even repeating yourself. This should be avoided at all costs because no one wants to read a long text that in reality is saying the same thing over and over. Stay focused on what you really need to put across.

This section should also not contain a narrative that is presented haphazardly. It should be systematic and coherent. It should summarize the experience, then explore its impact on your life and the lessons learned from it.

Remember that the essay should give readers a glimpse into your personality and ability to deal with and adapt to different situations. You have presented the important information in the introduction and body sections. Thus, for the conclusion, you need to focus on presenting the points and lessons, in summary.

Further, consider the effect on your skills and character, and what you might have done differently. Most importantly, tips on writing a reflective essay, remember to exhibit reflection throughout the essay, tips on writing a reflective essay. The first step to writing a reflective essay is to create a plan so that you can end up with a well-organized essay.

This plan is a reflective essay outline that has the sections described above and basic points to guide your writing. This will ensure that your thoughts are not lost in the process. Such a level of organization has benefits that enable you to achieve a better grade on the essay. The benefits include:. Finally, seek help if you need it. Companies such as Writingelites.

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Oct 17,  · What makes that essay reflective is that you, as a writer, analyze a past event from the present. In this article, we will share our ultimate writing guide with you on how to write a reflective essay and includes; the definition, essay format, and reflective essay examples that will inspire Jacob Quigley. Looking to find some tips on reflective essays? Here are some guidelines, Format, and Topics that will assist you in writing one. If for some unavoidable reason you still aren't able to complete your essay and need further help, get it online from reliable essay writing experts at Reflective essay writing is a study based on personal experience that required enough time for its writer to and put all important details together for future research. This is not a simple assignment to fulfill. Read our guide and find many useful ideas on how to choose a topic and write successful reflection essays!